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Leonora Aliu is a journalist at Kosovo 2.0. She studied Journalism at the University of Prishtina. Aliu believes that a complete story is a story that besides reported facts also conveys what people feel and believe about these facts. Aliu covers the field of media, security and justice in Kosovo.

In-depth | Security

The woman shaping Kosovo’s future soldiers

By - 23.03.2018

Meet Irfete Spahiu, the first woman General in the Kosovo Security Force

In-depth | Justice

The verdict that failed to reveal the Assembly’s attackers

By - 23.03.2018

Basic Court decision quashed due to lack of evidence in terrorism case.

In-depth | Security

A murder as a turning point

By - 06.02.2018

Ivanović assassination: Fear, threats and insecurity ignored in the north.

In-depth | Security

Forcing the security issue

By - 23.12.2017

Award-winning KSF awaits establishment of Kosovo’s army.

In-depth | Democracy

The state as a political resource

By - 29.11.2017

State assets still being used to achieve political aims.

In-short | Justice

Three Vetevendosje deputies arrested

By - 24.11.2017

Kurti, Haxhiu and Kadaj-Bujupi detained in tear gas case.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Extremism

Choosing between your city and Islamic State

By - 17.10.2017

The radicalization of disconnected young people.

In-depth | Justice

Waiting on the Judges of the North

By - 16.10.2017

Extension of Kosovo judicial system reaches crucial step.

Perspectives | Justice

“The Snake” raises its head for the Special Court

By - 12.10.2017

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci blames the international community for his own political failures.

In-short | Human Rights

‘Kosovar’s grave’ exhumed in Kukes

By - 04.10.2017

Body in Albania was buried during Kosovo war.

Perspectives | Education

Being part of a state that does not treat you as such

By - 22.09.2017

Institutional marginalization of children with disabilities in the education sector.

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