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Leonora Aliu is a journalist with over six years’ experience in Kosovo. She studied journalism at the Faculty of Philology, in the University of Pristina. 

In-depth | Politics

One train and much tension

By - 15.01.2017

Controversial train turns back to Belgrade, but tensions remain.

In-short | Politics

France delays decision on Haradinaj extradition request

By - 12.01.2017

Former KLA commander remanded on bail while all evidence considered.

In-depth | Education

Equal education, only on paper

By - 20.12.2016

Kosovar girls not being provided skills for equal labor force participation.

In-depth | Justice

International investigation into Dehari case legally unlikely

By - 06.12.2016

Legal avenues limited for implementing petition's key demand.

In-short | Justice

Could Fatmir Limaj be handed to the special court for war crimes?

By - 22.11.2016

NISMA boss already indicted for war crimes in Kosovo.

In-depth | Justice

In the shadow of “X”

By - 08.11.2016

Who will protect war crimes witnesses in Kosovo?

In-depth | Workers' rights

Kosovo’s ‘privatization’ of workers’ rights

By - 04.10.2016

Workers forced to accept rights violations due to job insecurity.