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Hope in defeat

By - 27.03.2017

Much promise and lessons to learn from Kosovo’s match with Iceland.

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What next for sports in Kosovo?

By - 22.03.2017

Post-recognition era sports discussed in K2.0 Small Talk.

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Dizzying highs, sobering defeats and final recognitions in a landmark year for Kosovo sport

By - 28.12.2016

From Olympic glory to Kosovo’s first ever world cup qualifier, 2016 will live long in the sporting memory.

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Footballers choosing their identity is not treason

By - 06.10.2016

Albanians of Switzerland have a right to self-identify.

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One team or two?

By , - 07.09.2016

Football highlights complex Albanian identity.

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Preparing to introduce Kosovo football to the world

By - 03.06.2016

National team manager Albert Bunjaki ready for historic role.

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Kosovo admitted into FIFA

By - 13.05.2016

New national team will join qualifiers for 2018 World Cup

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Flashback in photos

By - 04.03.2015

Sports in Kosovo took a step back in the '90s, but one man's camera kept the scene from going dark.

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Letter from the editor

By - 04.03.2015

Kosovo wants to play, and the rest of the world is starting to listen.

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Recognition, one match at a time

By - 04.03.2015

Acceptance on international sporting stages can help forge Kosovo's national identity.  

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