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In-depth | COVID-19

Curling Kosovo’s future is on thin ice

By - 14.08.2020

How will the sport survive the pandemic?

In-depth | HOPE

An unprecedented goal

By - 23.07.2020

Ilija Ivić is more than a football player — he could be a national symbol.

In-depth | COVID-19

Sport in the time of pandemic

By - 23.05.2020

How Kosovo’s sporting world is coping with COVID-19.

In-depth | Sports

Blue, yellow, white — football, politics, identity

By , Halim Kafexholli - 16.02.2019

How sport is affecting nation-building and identity in Kosovo.

In-depth | Media

Fewer threats or fewer investigations?

By - 26.09.2018

Looking at the state of sports journalism in Kosovo.

Lately | Sports

Football comes home with Fadil

By - 11.09.2018

Kosovo plays first competitive match in Prishtina, commemorates man who brought it there.

In-depth | Sports

Seeking a sporting chance

By - 16.02.2018

Delayed recognitions leave Kosovo sports playing catch up.

One-on-one | Sports

Albin Tahiri: I feel less nervous being the first one than being the only one

By - 09.02.2018

Kosovo’s first Winter Olympian talks about the weight of expectations, a solo struggle to qualify and the role of sport in Kosovo’s fight for recognition.

Lately | Sports

A year without victory

By - 06.09.2017

Kosovo’s struggles on the football pitch continue.

In-depth | Sports

Bringing back the golden age

By - 17.07.2017

How can Kosovo’s football clubs improve their performance in European competition?

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