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Eraldin Fazliu is a journalist at Kosovo 2.0. Eraldin completed his Master’s on ‘European Politics’ at the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic in 2014. Through his studies Eraldin became interested in the EU’s external policies, particularly in promotion of the rule of law externally. He is a passionate reader of politics and modern history.

In-short | Montenegro

Bitesize demarcation

By , , - 21.03.2018

Explore Kosovo’s hottest political issue in quotes and numbers.

One-on-one | Local Elections 2017

Mytaher Haskuka: We can achieve change faster when we are united

By - 26.02.2018

New Prizren mayor discusses the possibilities and challenges of governing Kosovo’s second city.

Perspectives | EU

Is Kosovo’s international love affair coming to an end?

By - 10.02.2018

Political reaction to this week’s EU enlargement strategy shows marked shift in tone.

In-depth | Politics

The nature of the dialogue

By - 01.02.2018

What are Kosovo’s talks with Serbia for?

In-depth | Politics

Who was Oliver Ivanovic?

By , - 16.01.2018

Serb leader shot dead in North Mitrovica.

In-depth | Politics

Political opposition’s year for recovery and repair

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s opposition parties shaping up?

In-depth | Politics

Government parties staring down challenging 2018

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s governing parties shaping up for new year?

In-short | Protests

Protests against an increase in energy prices

By - 20.12.2017

Organizers announce new protests will happen.

Perspectives | Politics

First 100 days show Haradinaj’s power is shackled

By - 18.12.2017

Premiership characterised by unfulfilled promises and haphazard spending.

In-depth | Media

A violent year for Kosovo’s journalists

By - 04.12.2017

More attacks and less freedom in 2017.

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