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Eraldin Fazliu is a Kosovo 2.0 staff writer. Eraldin completed his Master’s on ‘European Politics’ at the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic in 2014. Through his studies Eraldin became interested in the EU’s external policies, particularly in promotion of the rule of law externally. He is a passionate reader of politics and modern history.

Perspectives | Protests

What can Kosovo learn from the latest developments in Romania?

By - 07.02.2017

In an evolving democracy, the popular vote cannot legitimize corruption.

Perspectives | Government

Is it time for unity representation in Brussels?

By - 01.02.2017

K2.0 explores the increasing calls to redesign the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.

In-short | Reconciliation

Brussels dialogue continues amid increased tensions

By - 24.01.2017

EU facilitating today’s meeting between leaders of Kosovo and Serbia.

Perspectives | Politics

Reviving the rhetoric of the past

By - 19.01.2017

The language coming from Belgrade this week has been reminiscent of dark days in Kosovo.

In-short | Politics

Kosovo Assembly united in condemning Haradinaj arrest

By - 11.01.2017

Escalated political tensions with Serbia over historical warrants.

Perspectives | Independence

A view on Kosovo politics in 2016

By - 26.12.2016

A year of obstacles and protests.

In-depth | Politics

Kosovo’s next political generation?

By - 19.12.2016

Young political activists preparing for the big stage.

Perspectives | Politics

Will Kosovo’s international support fade in 2017?

By - 06.12.2016

Challenges lie ahead after a year of political upheaval amongst Kosovo’s traditional allies.

In-depth | BiH

Mission impossible to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 15.11.2016

Kosovo and BiH still at odds over visa regime.

In-short | Justice

Citizens take to the streets demanding ‘Justice for Astrit’

By , - 14.11.2016

Calls for independent investigation into Astrit Dehari’s death.

In-short | Report

Kosovo’s civil society landscape illuminated

By - 10.11.2016

New report examines Kosovo's civil society.

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