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Valmir Mehmetaj is a staff writer at Kosovo 2.0. Valmir studied communication sciences at the South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. He believes deeply in constant learning and forming original thoughts, and mainly writes about cultural and social issues.

One-on-one | DokuFest 2017

Robert Bisha: Folk Music is people telling things as they are

By - 07.08.2017

Pianist discusses blurring the lines of the traditional and the experimental.

In-depth | DokuFest 2017

Lumbardhi: What it means to evolve

By - 04.08.2017

The story of Prizren’s historic cinema.

One-on-one | Arts

Molly Kleiman: How can we take a conversation and translate it into other spaces, other times?

By - 18.07.2017

Editorial Director of New York’s ‘Triple Canopy’ publication discusses the magazine in the modern world.

In-short | Arts

New alternative gallery opens in Mitrovica

By - 11.07.2017

‘Mitrovica Matter’ exhibition launches new art space.

In-depth | Culture

The cultural festival defying nationalism

By - 29.06.2017

Voices from this year’s Miredita, dobar dan!

In-depth | Culture

Life after midnight

By - 14.06.2017

Prishtina’s original partystarters discuss the city’s clubbing scene now and then.

In-short | Tech

DOKU:TECH returns

By - 10.06.2017

Preparing for the new world order.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Democracy

Nothing to vote for!

By - 08.06.2017

Meeting potential voters in disaffected Dukagjini region.

In-short | Sports

Cross-legged on top of the world

By - 24.05.2017

First Albanian woman, and first Kosovar club expedition reach the summit of Mount Everest.

One-on-one | Culture

Hamed Abboud: The whole function of literature has changed for me now

By - 16.05.2017

Syrian poet on how his experiences as a refugee have transformed his work.

In-depth | Music

Two musical duos lighting up Kosovo’s underground

By - 06.05.2017

Tandem and X-Rated Self Love look beyond the wall.

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